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sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Taking Time/Using Time: full moon silhouettes

Who did watch the moon? Mark Gee
Where was "his" moon? In the Mount Victoria, Wellington - New Zeland
When? The 28th of January 2013, between 9.14pm and 9.22pm (8 minutes of footage)
What did he use to do that? Canon 1D MkIV in video mode, with a Canon EF 500mm f/4 lens and a Canon 2x Extender (to get the equivalent of 1300mm focal length). The camera was mounted on a Sachtler tripod with a Sachtler FSB 6 head.
Who is the music writer? Dan Phillipson
Why did I spread it? To share the Gee's use of time. Yes! Meaning that we still have time! WOW!

Do you have any time to add a question to this list? We still have time to answer, just in case


7 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo, lascia senza parole!

  2. bella davvero, del resto è in NZ!

    1. attendevo uno sburk-appreciation!

  3. Davvero bello; sembra irreale.

    1. ilponzio, ma hai visto?
      era lì davvero quella luna!

      e noi no, mannaggia!

  4. annichilisce per sopraffazione di bellezza